“There is something in my spirit that resonates with music that comes from the heart of a worship leader who I know is leading people well…week in and week out.  That’s what I love about Kirk Kirkland’s music.  Not only is it birthed out of a love for Jesus; it’s also birthed out of a love for God’s people, and a desire to see them engage with Him authentically.  You will be ministered to by his offering.”

Travis Cottrell, Worship Leader
Englewood Baptist Church, Jackson, TN
Beth Moore’s Living Proof Live events

“Kirk Kirkland is effective leading the music of worship largely because he understands his role as helping worshipers engage with God. The humble spirit that characterizes Kirk is clearly reflected in this inspiring set of hymns and songs, which demonstrate Kirk’s writing-arranging talents and his spiritual understanding of corporate worship. Listeners of all ages will find themselves singing along with all who celebrate psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.”

Dr. Paul Clark
Director of Worship & Music Ministries
Tennessee Baptist Convention